Thursday, September 4, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Dr. Martino “Big Day EP”

            The first time that I tried to listen to this cassette, I noticed that it had been rewound to the opposite side of that with the writing on it.   I know that there has been more than one occasion where I have received a cassette rewound to Side B for whatever reasons, so I assumed this was the case and listened to what I thought to be Side A first.   As it turns out, the writing on the cassette itself is in fact on Side B, which is a bit strange to me, sure, but at least I got that all sorted out before my next listen. 

            Dr. Martino calls themselves surf and while that might be true, there are a number of other things going on here just as well.   Every member of the band takes turns singing and that makes for a most fun experience, and though I expected it might get confusing it most certainly did not.   At heart, this can be guitar driven rock n roll, but can also span from Tripping Daisy to Superdrag to Wheatus. 

            I actually can hear this vague undertone of something like the Scooby Doo theme song coming through, but at a faster pace.   It can be dreamy and Buddy Holly-like or closer to that Me First and the Gimme Gimmes country album.  It can change the pace and setting seemingly with each song, but still manages to stay within the same general genre which makes for nice listening. 

            Amidst all of this awesomeness there is also a pretty spectacular guitar solo- surf style- and in some ways I feel like this cassette just wouldn’t have been complete without it.  

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