Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Peach & Plum “Divorce Batteries” / Politesse “No More People” (Illuminated Paths)

                The combination deal on this cassette is an ingenious idea because when you have 90 minutes of space, sometimes it’s too much for a single album or even a split, so just let two albums go together.  Why not?

                Peach & Plum start us off with some synth beats ala The Brood.  This goes into some soap opera-like dramatic tones before we begin to feel nautical (something between that and the X-Files).   There is some random 8bit trance and then it becomes triumphant and from the 1980’s, which makes me think of graduating for some reason. 

                There is a pretty piano piece and a space laser show leading into rhythmic loops and then spoken words.    Some of these vocals near the end get a bit dark and remind me of Nine Inch Nails, but only on that one quieter song they did on “Pretty Hate Machine”.

                The Politesse side of things is Miami Vice fuzz synth.  It can slow down a little bit to resemble Twin Peaks somehow, but it is none the less funky.    There are some vocals, a mess of drums and then it takes a turn into island garage rock, which is kind of like Weezer but also something all its own category.   The end of this side finds me thinking about Melrose Place, even though I’ve never watched the show.

                Two great albums, one low price.   How can you go wrong?

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