Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Better Psychics “Better Psychics” (OSR Tapes)

            Better Psychics offer an indie rock sound that when played fast and acoustic can channel The Get Up Kids, but when slower and more melodic could be Dashboard Confessional.   It’s got that home recorded feel to it of Daniel Johnston, and it also has some strange bits and pieces as well.

            The first song says “I Seize Thunder”, but all I hear is “ice is thunder” for some reason, which gets my mind off and running in a million different directions.

            What separates these songs from any other band really- and maybe even from themselves- is the seemingly randomness of it all.   Every so often, something will happen musically that just seemingly comes out of the blue.   It’s out of left field in that sense, when you feel like someone just accidentally stepped on the keyboard and added in an extra noise.

            Aside from the randomness (which does make this that much greater) there is also a quality to these songs which just reminds me of something that should be on the soundtrack to the television show “The Wonder Years”, and well, you know, nostalgia and all.  

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