Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: ZN “Danzas Neoliberales”

                Describing the music of ZN is like describing a car wreck as it unfolds.  Only when you play it back in slow motion can you begin to truly understand and appreciate every facet of it.   Yet, what’s funny is that when I was a kid I just heard music as music, I never really thought about the elements that made it up (mostly guitar, bass and drums) until I got older and now all I can hear are the parts of the whole.

                On the first track, there is a lot of clutter, going back to that car wreck idea.  There are Megatron-like vocals, and some fairly loud and distorted guitar notes.   Scales continue to climb up and fall down.   Bass notes are being plucked, as the improv noise gives way to cars beeping and, yes, eventually crashing.    Toward the end of this track, we can hear the trumpet play its sad song.

                Screaming begins the heavy Nirvana-like second song.   The sound of the music stand being knocked over is captured, and the destruction of the acoustic guitar begins.  The trumpet resurfaces for this song, only this time rather than the sullen tone from before it also sounds quite angry.

                For the last track, a violin is being misplayed, with some hints of Flight of the Bumblebee coming out.   There is also a nice “Psycho” vibe, which gives way to an overall undertone of System of a Down, which is what this might possibly remind me most of only it’s really not even too close to that on the whole.

                For these three songs, at a Name Your Price download option, I would suggest paying at least $1 per song, but in reality you’d be lucky to download this from their Bandcamp for anything under a price of $7.

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