Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Hobo Cubes “Serpensulla Gardens” (Bridgetown Records)

                If you don’t manage to catch the cassette releases from Hobo Cubes in time, there is always the digital and some of the releases on his Bandcamp page are strictly digital anyway.   “Serpensulla Gardens”, however, is not one of them.    This was originally released on cassette via Bridgetown Records, whom I know and love, and since it was their 75th release and they’ve since passed the 100 marker, I can only imagine that it is long gone.

                These six songs begin with the sound of ambience, as they certainly seem to be setting a mood right off.   There is a sound being made that probably has some proper name that doesn’t  really help describe it (While we’re on that note, “squeeze box” is such a better name than “accordion”, don’t you think?) but I like to call it the glass synth.

                The second track opens up into a Knight Rider type loop and throughout these songs; this whole piece of music just continues to progress, to evolve.  It is in this way that I do consider this to be a living being in and of it somehow.   There are either audio clips or spoken words amidst Gameboy type blips as we are told of “Feelings of pleasure, discomfort, pain…”  (Don’t you tell me what to think, song!!)

                Before all is said and done, this ends on the notes of angelic synth which if nothing else remind me that I’m going to be searching Discogs for this cassette.  

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