Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Stuart Chalmers “Subterranea/split with Nick Edwards” (Feral Tapes)

                These are four songs by Stuart Chalmers and it is my introduction to him of sorts, though he does also have quite a few other pieces of music on his Bandcamp, some of which are also split cassettes.    I do enjoy someone who likes to make such music as this and it also seems to come up on cassette often as well.

                This has those random noises of noise, there are some horns here and there, and then it picks up a little bit at one point with some beats.  There is the sound of destruction- which is probably at least guitar strings being broken- and then I do believe I also hear a sitar. 

                While this initially builds to that reign of terror, it then calms down a little bit with something that resembles wind chimes and rain.   This doesn’t last for too long though, as eventually we get back into some bass synth doom.  

                Really, there are two sides to this release and they can present themselves at the flip of a switch it would seem.   As relaxing and serene as this can be, it can also generate just as restless feelings of harsh noise and excitement.   I do enjoy this quite a bit and will now look into possibly buying this one on cassette.

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