Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: The Lowland Hundred “The Lowland Hundred” (Exotik Pylon Records)

                For the first minute or so of this album, it is quiet and I can barely hear anything coming out.  I had to turn it up rather loudly to hear the static, somewhat haunting noises and sounds of children talking, but I’m always afraid that when I turn something up that is quiet it will kick in all of a sudden and potentially blow my speakers (or at least enable my startle reflex).

                This comes in a little bit louder as it goes on, and the piano comes out which is nice.   Vocals make their way onto the scene as well, and at first I was hearing a bit of Lou Reed come out because I’m hearing him in most everything these days.   As this progresses though, the singing comes out even more so and it takes it to a whole other level.

                The singing on here seems to be done by someone who was classically trained.  I’m not familiar with a lot of vocalists in that particular sense, but for whatever reason the first name that came to mind was Josh Groban.    I wouldn’t call this noise, but rather just ambient music with some finely tuned vocals accompanying it. 

                As far as CDs go, you can get this one from Exotik Pylon and though I may not typically go for this type of music, as I’d file it somewhere between “classical” and “opera” if I didn’t know it was from Exotik Pylon, this happens to be one of the better types of singing of this nature that I’ve heard.  

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