Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Pensado, Gelineau & Lak on the West Coast: live sets by Stephanie Lak, Jenifer Gelineau, Andrea Pansado

                What’s funny to me is that I spent quite a bit of time writing down every last detail about the live sets by Stephanie Lak, Jenifer Gelineau and Andrea Pansado, but what’s going to actually come out in this review about the music itself is close to nothing.

                Rather than being three songs, these three tracks are actually live sets from different locations on the west coast and are titled as such.   Stephanie Lak, who I became familiar with on her own thanks her to releasing a cassette, pairs up with Jenifer Gelineau and Andrea Pansado who are accomplished musicians in their own right.

                While this seems like it should be each person performing separately, I do marvel at the fact that they create this music together and feel this is something special that I’m glad to have experienced (or “Thanks to whoever had the foresight to record this”)   This is something truly unique and it can only be experienced, not described.  

                From the general tone to the music- which can be dark and quiet- to the interaction with those in attendance, this is quite a good piece of music that had me looking up these other two women after listening to it.    This should somehow be sold as a cassette, though it somehow seems for more fitting for it to be released as a series of compact discs like Pearl Jam did that one time.

                In any event, this is at a Name Your Price download currently and you’d be lucky to get away with paying $1 for each of these live sets.  I’d say $10 would be fair, but really, you should go for somewhere between $9 or $12 so each of the three women can divide it evenly.  

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