Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Geoff “Liberated Atheist” (Dirty Pillows)

                “Liberated Atheist” is a 7” lathe cut record by Geoff available from Dirty Pillows.   It is essentially one long track about fifteen minutes in length, but when I started listening to it I thought I had it all figured out until I didn’t.   What begins as experimental sounds with spoons and alien noises turns into slightly distorted electric guitar notes like something Hendrix would use. 

                The initial sound of aliens or just overall weirdness quickly becomes a sort of blues type jam riff complete with tickling the ivories, which is a way I now realize no one should use to describe playing the piano.   It is in this way that with some steady bass beats that the song takes on the form of Alabama’s “Dixieland Delight”, which I only know of thanks to classic rock radio.

                And then it goes back and forth on the whomp before ending and concluding what is a most interesting piece of music.   The style on it can vary, as it takes its twists and turns throughout, yet it somehow manages to get us there without missing a beat.   From how it is written on paper, by me, it would seem as if it was divided into several pieces, yet the way that Geoff makes it flow is seemingly effortless.  

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