Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Mopfunk “Rim the Horizon”

                Once again, Mopfunk brings the jams.   These instrumental electronic songs consist of beeps that repeat and assorted loops that can range from the sounds of 8bit to Beverly Hills Cop.  

                Following the cassette release on Occult Research and then several digital releases (including Virtual Urban), I am rather surprised that what appears to be the newest bit of music from Mopfunk was just seeming placed on Bandcamp at a name your price download. 

                Where are the options for physical release?   If I was someone who ran a cassette label (And I have thought about it, but won’t right now for various reasons), I would be very quick to try and release this one on cassette. 

                Hopefully sooner than later though this does end up in my cassette player.  Maybe it’s an upcoming Occult Research release I am just not yet aware of for whatever reason (Maybe I’ll ask them about it)

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