Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Belleview “The Here and After”

                This is a six song EP of sorts from the band Belleview and I must say that it left me rather impressed.   The songs aren’t really short but they aren’t overly long either, as they do not tend to overstay their welcome but manage to get their point across.

                One of the first influences I hear on here for certain is Ultimate Fakebook, who according to their Twitter is still an active band even though I haven’t heard a thing about them in something like ten years.   They also bring out the qualities of a band such as Sherwood, and thus you can probably guess in your mind now how this will sound overall and whether or not you’d like it.

                Somehow either surprisingly or oddly though a song like “Miracle” can bring out this sort of radio quality that makes me think of a band like Maroon 5 but not specifically them because, well, I don’t really like Maroon 5 but even though this does have those qualities of a song I could hear on the radio I do like it still.   There are also some hints of Wallflowers coming out, but again, never really a big fan of them either.

                So, really, even if you might not like some of the bands I’m pairing Belleview up with, it’s okay because I don’t really like them either (UFB and Sherwood are tops though).    This may still provide you hope to like this EP and, yeah, now I’m realizing this review might not have been much help.

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