Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: I Like You Go Home “this is for me to know and you to never find out” (Personal Archives)

                This was once available as a cassette from Personal Archives, and as I have found from the split cassette with Underwater Escape from the Black Hole, I am now going through and listening to all music that I can from I Like You Go Home because I like this as well.   Yes, in this particular moment in time music has become my gateway drug and I am going to primarily be reviewing digital releases from artists I have reviewed otherwise already.

                When this begins, I am reminded of that split with UWEFTBH, as there are static bursts with screaming and the ever present electric guitar notes come out in an almost FNL manner.    Later on, this does take a very strong turn toward the post rock and FNL, but it does also have the power to bring out something like Glassjaw at times as well.

                There are beeps held within the static mess before it sounds like a record scratching with a decent amount of feedback.   It becomes quiet at times, and then other times it can have this hollow screaming behind guitar notes that is somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and Converge. 

                The thing about secrets is that that they are not ever known and that is what makes them as such.   Once they come out, they are no longer secret.   This album is that plane that exists between that which is known and that which is unknown (But in a secret sense, not in the sense of knowledge) and the struggle to stay within one of those two planes and not crossover from one to the other.  

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