Friday, May 9, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Acid Druid “The Journey To Where You Are Now”

            When I found Mopfunk via Occult Research, I looked up all possible Mopfunk music on Bandcamp and found Virtual Urban Records, which in turn helped me to find several other artists that I have now been trying to download everything possible of from Bandcamp.  This path lead me to Acid Druid, though this is not the Acid Druid release on Virtual Urban, but rather the other one found directly at the Acid Druid Bandcamp site.

            These are some more solid jams that inspire the electronic beats of the night, but also, Acid Druid demonstrates that the music is able to explore a bit and not adhere to a strict oonce-oonce formula.   As the songs go on, Acid Druid grows stronger and by my count this is now the second round of music from this artist that I would love to own on cassette.

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