Thursday, April 10, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Shocking Pinks "Guilt Mirrors" (Stars & Letters Records) [Part 3 of 3]

            What I can’t believe is not that I am on the third and final CD of three discs and we’ve been 35 tracks now, but rather I can’t believe that this is my second doing this within a month.   Seriously, Shocking Pinks you must meet Makeup and Vanity Set one day, if only to compare notes of crafting the trilogy. 
            This particular disc seems like it should be slacking since it’s at the end, but it doesn’t miss a beat.  The drums make me want to dance even harder and it manages to remain quite fun.  It can get kind of distorted as well, but remains poppy on some level also.  

            The music can also border on EFS, which isn’t really that bad even though in most of those scenarios I end up complaining, but I really like the lyrics and just overall feel to the song “Working Holiday”.  Again, just another prime example of how these three discs somehow work. 

            In some ways, the odd thing about “Guilt Mirrors” to me, is that each of these three discs has enough merit to stand on its own.   It’s not as if one of them loses steam at some point or has that sort of part in the middle we could do without.    Yet, even though these could all seemingly stand on their own, this still has something connecting them to the point where a triple disc is the only thing that really makes sense.  

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