Thursday, April 10, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Phase Shifter “Demo 2014”

            Prior to downloading this demo, all I knew about this band was that they came up under a tag I clicked on through Band Camp (I don’t remember which one, I click so many) and the cover art has a cassette on it.  I was curious to see if this would be available on cassette as well, but it only appears to be a download.  Still, it’s a Name Your Price Download, so I decided to check it out because they did pull an Alk3 and use a picture of a cassette for their album cover.  (Any friend of tapes is a friend of mine)

            The music here is a grittier pop punk that makes me want to bop my head.  It’s a lighter version of Local H, the earliest of Saves the Day or something like The Beautiful Mistake or Bayside.    Realistically, this is the type of sound that I generally tend to scoff at and say sounded better in the early ‘00’s but has no real place in music anymore—at least not for me.  

            Yet, somehow I like this.  I sincerely do.  It doesn’t make me long for the days of Taking Back Sunday’s first album so much as it just makes me happy listening to it now, in this moment.  

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