Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Phantogram "Voices" (Republic)

             I vaguely remember writing a review for Phantogram once before, but apparently there is a little blurb I put up about their album “Nightlife”, which I feel now deserves to be revisited.

            This male/female duo can have either singing, but when the female side of it comes out it seems to be much better.   Bringing out hints of Polly Scattergood and Metric, this could also be regarded as a slightly more pop version of Garbage.   Lilly Allen also comes out at times, which is strange because at other times this could also be synth pop.

            When the male half of the duo sings it sounds more like Blue October than anything, which doesn’t bother me.   What bothers me is that those songs seem to be the simpler of the bunch, where the lyrics are repetitive and it just seems to kind of dumb itself down in a pop way.

            On the whole though, I do like this album quite a bit.   Hopefully it will be one of the last times this year though where I have to write about hearing Madonna coming through, with her baby having that secret and all.  

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