Friday, March 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: White Poppy s/t (Not Not Fun Records)

            It’s always nice to hear bands you already know and like release new music.   It’s especially nice when you have someone like White Poppy release their music on cassette, which sometimes I feel like bands do as a onetime thing or when it is permitted but to have every release you put out on cassette takes a certain amount of dedication and I do like that about White Poppy. 

            The music here within is a cross between new wave and dream pop, but then it can be instrumental and ambient also.  If you liked “Drifter’s Gold”, then odds are you are going to like this and should also purchase it as a cassette for optimal enjoying.   If you do not like/haven’t heard “Drifter’s Gold” yet then I will allow you the time to catch up.   However, that is a luxury that the potential of this cassette selling out cannot and will not afford you.  

Information on purchasing this cassette can be found here:

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