Friday, March 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Gora Sou “Living XXL” (Noumenal Loom)

            It’s amazing to me how once you get into the cassette realm of sorts you’ll find many bands crossing over between different tape labels that you like.  Gora Sou just released this cassette on March 10th, 2014, but there is another tape they put out back in April of 2013 called “Music for Girls”.   This might not be worth mentioning, as bands tend to have previous releases some times, except for the fact that the previous tape (Which has since sold out) was released by Further Records, whom I’ve also recently been reviewing tapes of.   It is a sort of small cassette world after all. 

            These eight songs from Gora Sou are a collection of ambient instrumental sounds that bring out the ooh’s and ahh’s.  They have some lighter synth ala Beverly Hills Cop, but mostly can be relaxing and most likely also used for meditation.   The biggest difference between “Living XXL” and “Music for Girls”, quite bluntly, is that “Living XXL” is an edition of 100 copies, is available for $6 (plus $2.50 shipping within the U.S.) and is not yet sold out.  

            So the game plan here, as I am really enjoying Gora Sou and his various labels, is to get the download of “Music for Girls” from Further Records and then purchase this fine cassette from Noumenal Loom whilst you still can.  

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