Friday, March 7, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Spacedtime “Voyage” (Your Master Voice)

            When I hear the ambient songs of Spacedtime, which include loops, Oriental tones, audio clips and the normal sort of not-normal layers you find within the loops of this type of music, I begin to wonder what sets Spacedtime apart from every other band doing this right now.  There are quite a few because I keep listening to and reviewing them, and no this doesn’t simply stand out because it’s announced as “Spacedtime” before nearly every song.

            Sure, there are sounds of birds chirping in the track called “thebirds”, but what I think makes this piece of music so unique is that sort of piano jazz feel it gets on a song like “shootingstarr”.   This is just one of the examples of how within the beats and all else you should come to expect from this, there is still quite a bit that will surprise you and pleasantly so.  

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