Friday, March 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Olli Aarni “Kimalle” (Dauw)

            Many times, I enjoy listening to cassettes as downloads when they are available and then decide based upon what I hear whether I want to actually go through with getting the cassette itself or not.  This has, thus far, ended with me adding a number of different cassettes to my list of tapes I want to buy, which isn’t at all a bad thing to me because it at least shows that there is good music out there still and quite a bit of it at that.

            Olli Aarni threw a curveball my way, as I was listening to this and enjoying it, but then found myself unable to purchase it as a cassette because before I could it sold out.   This is just one of those sad facets of life that happens sometimes- we miss the tapes and they sell out- but it doesn’t sting any less.  In many ways, it does feel much like the opposite of that feeling of when you buy one of the last (or the very last) tapes and avoid this entire situation. 

            Each side on this tape is just under ten minutes.  It’s angelic type of music that sounds like glass but in the way that synth makes that sound more than there being actual glass used as an instrument I presume.   It’s ambient and it goes in and out in waves.   This truly is everything that I love about music and especially music on tapes; I just am upset that I missed the physical release.

            I definitely suggest you pay the 4 EUR and get the digital download of this to suffice for the lack of tape, but maybe- just maybe- if there is enough interest and public outcry there will be a second pressing.   

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