Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Clearing “No Titles”

                As I venture into my third cassette by Clearing now, I am left with less words to write about it not because of the quality of the music found within but because of the mystery, the sort of aura that comes with “No Titles”.    As the cassette name itself suggests, this is a piece of music which envelopes itself in questions and leaves a lot to the imagination.

                My first thoughts on the sound are that it sets the scene nicely for an alien spaceship to landed in a foggy wooded area.  I can tell that I am out of touch with my once more familiar sci-fi roots as the first image that pops into my head is of the episode of “The Simpsons” when they crossover with “The X-Files” and are suspect of Mr. Burns being an alien.

                Through the progression of the sounds I can hear something coming out that I want to only compare to being underwater synth, and even though when I hear the sound and say it in my head it makes complete sense I’m not entirely certainly how to convey it in words otherwise.

                The way that the sound is captured in this underwater sense does remind me a lot of a fish tank for some reason, and that could go off into far too many different comparisons, but rather it just makes me wish that I had some fish. 

                I will admit that the first two Clearing cassettes were a bit of a struggle for me to review, but this one has thus far proven to be the most difficult.  It is truly hard to describe something that isn’t so much a sound but is a visual feeling.    As with many of the greatest feelings in life- whether it be love or what have you- this is best conveyed through experience rather than second hand accounts.

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