Thursday, February 13, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Wild Moccasins "88 92" (New West)

            In some ways, I feel biased to the band Wild Moccasins because they are from Houston and the time that I spent in Houston was when they were coming up and all of that.  It’s hard.  I was born and raised in Connecticut and spent only eight years in Houston, but I still feel like Houston is more of my home than where I live now.

            I’m not afraid to call anyone on their shit though.  If you make an album that sucks, I will tell you as such in as few as words as I need in order to convey my message.  Sometimes I don’t even write lengthy reviews for bands I like, but hey, words are words and as long as your point gets across screw the word count.

            Between the first two songs on this album, Wild Moccasins have me singing both that Madonna song about how her baby’s got a secret (And yes, that song keeps coming up these days) and also ODB’s “Baby I got your money”.   I’m thinking maybe it’s a baby theme, but time has made fools of us all.

            There are also elements of that Gwen Stefani song about “keep on dancing” stuff, but that goes with the ODB territory because I just think those two songs sound similar anyway.

            Though sometimes male backing vocals, the female vocals on here are dominant and they are spot on.   At times, it can sound like disco (Seriously, who the fuck brought disco back?) but for the most part it’s pop rock at its finest.   On “88 92”, everything just seems to fall into place for the Wild Moccasins, as their abilities shine and craft something magical as a result.  

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