Thursday, February 13, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Snowbird "Moon" (Bella Union)

                 On one hand, it’d be pretty easy for me (or any writer for that matter) to simply call this dream pop and write it off.   There are semblances of dream pop on the surface, for sure, but this music goes a bit deeper than that.

                This is another example of a release from this year that I just don’t know how to describe entirely and I’m fine with that.   Some of the best bands have been formed under the guise of reviews that couldn’t put them into words or merely state “It’s the Beatles meets Radiohead”.

                The only thing I can really think of to say about this is that it’s kind of like taking dream pop to a whole new level, which I have no idea how to classify that one.  But if you enjoy dream pop, just know that this will both please you and blow your mind.  

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