Saturday, February 8, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: The Tower of Light “The Tower of Light” (Felte)

            Today, I became the fourth official follower of The Tower of Light on Spotify.   Whenever I see a band with this few followers it always makes me nervous, like maybe they’re not good or something.  But then I also think maybe people just haven’t heard of them yet or maybe they’re new to Spotify since they only have this one album up and it’s the one they just released. 

            All too often I end up writing about bands with few followers, then they end up growing seemingly by the hundreds and then into thousands and, well, Spotify isn’t really a good judge of popularity contest anyway.  I mean, it’s not like we’re talking about Facebook likes here. 

            What I like about The Tower of Light is that they have a way of combining somewhat modern bands (even modern bands that I don’t necessarily like) with the sounds of older bands that came right around the time grunge was on its down peak.

            With hints of Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd influenced Limp Bizkit and even Coldplay and/or Muse, The Tower of Light reminds me of a band that could be on the soundtrack to The Crow or even more likely The Crow 2: City of Angels.   Traces of Nirvana come out in a song like “Lightnet”, which beckons Silverchair, while a song like “Wish” employs later Filter.

            Whether or not the style is particularly influenced by a band that I like (or even an entire genre) seems irrelevant, as The Tower of Light creates an overall sound that I just enjoy for both nostalgia and futuristic type reasons.  

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