Friday, February 21, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Planningtorock "All Love's Legal" (Human Level Recordings)

             What I say about this album doesn’t really matter.  No matter how musically talented these songs present themselves wrapped in little packages of joy, the forefront of this message is clear and outweighs anything and everything else.

            Needless to say, most of the LGBT community will be rocking this.  Squares will not be.

            I really do like the sort of glam rock that this creates, and I don’t mind the message either because in some ways a lot of songs are about equality even if it is not this blatantly stated. 

            My only problem with this is the band moniker.  Why are you planning to rock?  Or perhaps more importantly, when are you planning to rock?   It reminds me of what is often said about a popular wrestling promotion that has a pay-per-view called “Bound for Glory”.

            In ten years of being a company, they haven’t changed the name so don’t you think they should have reached that glory by now?   It seems like the name would set up a lot of easy jokes, such as “So.. You’re Planningtorock, huh?   When exactly is that going to happen then?”   Critics will probably use that line without even listening to the music.

            But in all fairness, he performs music under the name Sting not “Planningtosting”.

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