Monday, February 3, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: pregnantcyborgladies “untitled”

                When I first found this on Band Camp, it was a single nine minute song called “communications check”.    In the time since, it has turned into sixteen songs in total, as well as several other releases popping up under this moniker. 

                To say the least, pregnantcyborgladies seem to have… spawned?

                This one song does manage to give you a good representation of what the entire album is like.  In fact, I liked this one song so much that I downloaded and have been listening to the full album since I found out it had appeared.

                This is on the heavy side of stoner rock, which reminds me of this band I saw once.  I can’t recall their name, but they were slowed down hardcore and had a one word name like Scarlet or Harvest, though I know neither of those are correct.

                There is also some ominous laughing in the song that makes me think of some sort of twisted amusement park ride.  But after a short break, we do get into some NASA audio clips, so who knows.

                Experimental electronic not quite ambient not quite seapunk but somewhere in between all of that is where pregnantcyborgladies could fall and I do enjoy this quite a bit.

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