Monday, February 3, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: lovechild “In Heaven, Everything is Fine”

                When lovechild was first introduced and I listened to their demo, I emailed them about doing an interview, to which they agreed.  After emailing over questions, I am still awaiting any sort of response on their behalf.   So between that time that their demo came out and this album has also been however long I have been waiting to see this interview through.

                Actually, I gave up on trying to get responses at some point last year.  I’m just moving forward, not caring as much about the past anymore, you know.  I in no way really blame a band like lovechild for not answering my questions, after reading them, because quite frankly if I was in their shoes I would probably not answer my questions either.

                It’s just that when I see lovechild has this sweet album out, I remember I did send them questions (like Old Gray) and never heard back from them.  Perhaps that is just a testament to how much I do like this band or they have at least stuck with me because there are any number of bands out there that I’ve sent questions to and have since forgotten about. 

                And that doesn’t even begin to cover the number of bands I emailed asking for interviews that never replied to me.  Sometimes I feel like I’m forgetting those bands so often I’m emailing the same ones all the time.

                So let’s make a deal right here and right now.  If you promise to keep making this hardcore that’s somewhere between Sick Of It All and Suicidal Tendencies, I promise not to care about your not answering my stupid interview questions.

This was on a Name Your Price Download here: but free downloads have now run out.  The band has provided a link on that page which can still get you a free download, but just pay the dollar, you bums.

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