Monday, February 3, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Ghost Actor ”Vile”

               Sometimes I download music from Band Camp, listen to it and then wonder how  I found it.  Often times it’s easy enough to say, “Yeah, I probably pulled this out of the ____ tag”, but sometimes I struggle to find out why I downloaded what I did.

                Ghost Actor in no way leaves any questions in my mind that I found them by searching the “synthpop” tag and not just because I recall searching that tag recently enough to fit the bill. 

                Musically, this is quite astonishing.  It reminds me of that one song Garbage did on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack and I’m okay with that.  Somewhere between Garbage and Silversun Pickups, this can be orchestral as well as creepy and ominous. 

                If you want to be scared by a ghost or maybe just listen to some cool music not enough people seem to be making these days, add yet another band to my list of bands I’m falling in love with in 2014.  

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