Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Old Earth “Live on WMSE 1st of October 2013”

                When I first put this on, I noticed that there were only two tracks and each one was over ten minutes long.  They have names, so rather than being short sets of multiple songs I see them as being two just rather long songs.

                Throughout a sound of some cross between Cloud Nothings and REM/Interpol, the songs take some pauses as if they could be starting another song, but that mainly just makes me think of this as being like a rock opera or whatever has those sorts of different movements or acts.

                Two final notes on this release you really should hear as a great introduction to Old Earth:

                For a live session, this sounds really good, in the sense that it was recorded nicely and doesn’t sound so much live as it does like it’s in a studio, though it seems to be from the radio so it was probably in a studio, but… I forgot if this was making sense or not.

                Finally, this would sound excellent on cassette.  Twelve minutes per side would do this nicely, and even just something other than this on a tape would be something I would be interested in getting in on the ground floor, as they say.  

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