Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: K. Board & The Skreens “Me and My Good Times”

                What gets me about this album is that it was released as a cassette tape (a cassette tape that I’d like to own if produced as such) and yet it has this quality of synth pop mixed with 8bit.  There are beats and sometimes even the bass goes synth for a bit. 

                I can hear some Pac Man sounds coming out at times as well, which takes us into the realm of 8bit as it exists now.   But wait, this was recorded back in 1998, you say?   You mean to tell me I’ve been marveling over this type of music for the past year or two, and this here was made over fifteen years ago?

                I’d like to say that this is ahead of its time, but that would seem to be an understatement.  

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