Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Tokyo Gore Police “Dull Knife”

                These four songs begin with a song that has some powerful drumming.   It makes me think someone was just trying to practice their drumming on this song, but really, what kind of bands have such drumming as this anyway?

                There are vocals on the first song, which come out almost like a B-52’s song, and leave you with the notion of “All I am is dead to you” stuck in your head.   It’s an interesting song in and of itself, but three other songs accompany it, so those need to be mentioned as well.

                The second song is spacey with an audio clip in it, while the last two are both instrumental.  There is a piano on the third song, which reminds me more of Billy Joel than something classical, and while other instruments do come in by the last song we pretty much leave off where we started: with the drums. 

                The way that these songs come full circle, yet each has their own unique qualities, is what continues to impress me about Tokyo Gore Police.   This is anything but “just four more songs”.  

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