Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Worried Mothers “TAPE” (Doom Town)

                Seeing a name like Worried Mothers kind of throws me off guard as I’m not sure what to expect.     On one hand, you could see it as this whole sort of weepy, womanly type of concept you might find at Lilith Fair (Do they still have that?) but for some reason my mind went to almost the extreme opposite spectrum and thought this was going to be metal.

                Now one particularly funny piece of information here that I felt needed to be expressed was a dream I recently had, while in the process of reviewing this album.  It’s one of those differences between being a parent and not, so here we go.

                I was on a city street with my wife and child when we stopped at a hot dog vendor or one of those food carts, you know, so I’m getting the food, under the impression my wife is watching our son, and then when I turn around he’s headed into traffic.

                So I go chasing into the road after him, following him across the busy street as he seems to have found that magic Frogger path that allows him to go straight across in one quick movement.  As he reaches safety on the other side, I feel a weight off my shoulders and rather relieved.  

                That is until I realize I’m still halfway across the road and a bus plows me over.   And then I woke up.

                So, essentially, both parents can worry even if it is only subconsciously.    As for the result of these songs though, it’s something between Refused and Guns N Roses.  It’s like Brazil, but with less keys.  It’s got hints of Queen, The Beatles (who doesn’t?), Trail of Dead and oddly enough Franz Ferdinand. 

                This also, at times, can sound like a mixture of Green Day and MCR, which somehow works despite my not liking the newer efforts of either of those bands.   Overall, you just need to know that, as based on the bands I can hear coming out in this, that this is just a pure rock masterpiece. 

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