Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: School Knights “Lethargy” (Bridgetown Records)

                When I was in school, I found out what the word “lethargy” meant because of my guidance counselor.   My guidance counselor told me that there were reports from many of my teachers that I seemed to be acting “lethargic”, and thus I asked her what that meant.   Always know the names people are calling you.

                School Knights, as a band and their musical sound on the whole, are quite the opposite of lethargic.  In fact, if I had this amount of energy and killer guitar solos I bet high school would have been a blast.  (Okay, I admit: in no scenario in my mind do I actually see high school as having could have been “a blast”, but you get the point)

                From your typical standouts that I like to reference like Fugazi, Husker Du, Foo Fighters, The Benjamins and Jimmy Eat World, these songs are melodic math rock that also invoke in me an idea of how great of a band Blink 182 could have been if they weren’t so silly.

                There are some slight hints of Hunx and even Garrison (whom I miss deeply), throw in some surf at times and you’ve got a tape that might appear to be all over the place on paper but just flat out rocks.  “Low Tide” is such an excellent song.


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