Tuesday, November 12, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Bottomless Pit "Shade Perennial"

            Upon listening to this band for the first time, I was immediately taken by them.   I had only heard of Bottomless Pit because of a list of new releases, yet I wish I heard of them sooner.   When I looked at their Spotify track record, they have an album posted from 2010 and a previous one from 2007.  That means (for those doing the math) that every three years this band releases a new album.

            I don’t really want to say what a good time to release new music is.  Do people have it in them to release music once a year, once a month or should it be every other year, every three years or every five?   I do think it is very case specific and for some bands could be easily deduced (i.e. Flaming Lips = overkill), but for the most parts most bands seem to have a formula that works.

            If I was in a band and writing music, being that I am in my “early 30s”, I would probably release an album every week for several years just because I feel like I have that much built up inside of me.  (Yet, when it comes to actually trying to write lyrics, my mind goes blank)

            Bottomless Pit have a number of varied influences coming out of their sound that, for the most part, bring them back to that indie sort of punk/hardcore rock.  It’s close to something like Eleventeen or Time Spent Driving (whom I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of referencing yet this year), but there are also pieces of a band like Fugazi in here.

            At the same time, on a track like “Sacred Trench” you can pick out pieces of Piebald.  Overall on some level, this reminds me of the first time that I heard The Honor System and, well, that isn’t a bad thing at all.   Yet another band in The Year of Music that has won me over to the extent that I will now go back and also listen to (and probably review) their prior releases.  

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