Tuesday, November 12, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Sorority Noise “Young Luck” (Broken World Media)

                The words pop punk can be overused, but there really isn’t a more fitting way to describe Sorority Noise.   The first track of these four songs just feels so boring, with the band seemingly just going through the motions. 

                From there, the band churns out three remaining songs (Though the last two sound similar to me)that have a little bit more of that Modern Baseball style, but are still pop punk at their core.   The lyrics are so generic and unoriginal that it makes me embarrassed to be listening to it.

                There exists a certain simplicity, a certain straight forwardness that can come in some great lyrics, such as those of a folk punk band, as Sledding With Tigers immediately comes to mind.  But this is no Sledding With Tigers in the sense that rather than feeling genuine these lyrics just feel like they were written by a twelve year old.

                I obviously haven’t read any background info on this band (ignorance is bliss and all that) but they do sound very much like a high school pop punk band.   If they are in fact still high school age, then they are doing okay and can only improve with time perchance.   But if they are looking at those late teens in the rearview mirror it’s an entirely different story.  

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