Tuesday, November 12, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Erica Freas “Belly” (Rumble Towne Records)


               Erica Freas is the woman who sometimes sings in the band RVIVR and “Belly” is her debut solo full length.   If you have listened to RVIVR before and know her from there, then you will recognize her voice on these songs which are fused with acoustic guitar. 

                For those not familiar with RVIVR, Erica Freas has quite the lovely and distinct voice and I could listen to her sing about pretty much anything.   These songs are perfect and I’d love to hear her sing over  a piano as well.

                This full length is technically ten songs, though the title track also appears on an EP called “Help is in the Hair”, which contains three songs not on this full length, so in total you can have 13 solo songs by Erica Freas if you download from the two different links.


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