Wednesday, November 6, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: The Dismemberment Plan “Uncanney Valley”

                Do you remember when The Dismemberment Plan called it quits?  I do.  I saw them on what was to be their final tour.   It was to be the last time that they’d play Boston, and yet now I’m getting emails about how they’re coming back to Boston.

                I saw them a number of times before that as well.  I saw them play in CT in front of a small crowd.  I was there by myself and this college girl showed up alone and started talking to me.  I think she wanted to be friends or something but I was just in it for the music. 

                The point is, when you’re a band that has this sort of legacy behind it and all of these memories get stirred up because of you (I don’t even want to start to chip away at that iceberg) then you have to question whether or not it is worth it to come out of your retirement.

                In essence, would this be a way to come back bigger and better than before or are you only going to tarnish your legacy?  These are the things that I feel the members of The Dismemberment Plan did not take into account before making this crucial decision.

                I love The Dismemberment Plan.  I’ve loved them since before I was writing about music.   But Bukowski said that if anyone ever asked him what his best book was he’d always say his newest.  He said if his newest wasn’t his best then there was no point in writing it.

                And that thought leaves me wondering why The Dismemberment Plan really made this album.  Money?  Boredom?  Did they miss the road?  Did they miss playing live?  Whatever the case, they could have just stuck with a reunion tour and not had to put me through this.

                I fully realize that people will not care what I write because I’m quoting someone as stereotypical these days as Charles Bukowski, but let me do you one better and paraphrase Bob Dylan when I say that The Dismemberment Plan is back, yes, but they haven’t come back all the way.

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