Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Psychic Ills "One Track Mind"

             I always find it interesting when a band includes a line in one of their songs that, though might be completely unrelated, seems like it could work against them.   Such is the case for Psychic Ills who have the line “Whatever you’re sellin’, I ain’t buyin’”. 

            On one hand, this works very well because people are always asking me for money, like to cure cancer and the such.  Look, if you have cancer go to Canada because they cured that shit up there where Big Pharm can’t stick its ugly head in.

            But, as a band, aren’t you in some ways selling yourself?   Do you want people to have that line stuck in their heads when it comes time to buy this CD, digital download, concert tickets, t-shirts and what not have you?

            Maybe I’m thinking too much into this.  Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that cookie I found on the bus.   In any event, these songs are psychedelic (which is my most over-used term this year) with female vocals and lots of guitar riffs.  It reminds me of Velvet Underground or Urge Overkill, so naturally I like it a lot.

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