Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Heliotropes "A Constant Sea"

             Recently, mainly because I can never feel like I have enough music to review even if fifty new albums appear for every review I write, I have been browsing through the “related artists” on many Spotify bands that I’ve listened to and enjoyed, pulling out albums from 2013 that I may have missed and just otherwise because really music has no time limit to me.

            Of all of the bands that I’ve been listening to recently due to this adventure, I’ve actually not stumbled upon one yet that I’ve liked and been as pleased to find as Heliotropes.   “A Constant Sea” is their debut full length and though I heard L7 come out at first this is so much more than that.

            There are some breakdowns in the song, which remind me of Smashing Pumpkins, but also there is the energy of Republica mixed with some darker element.  Between metal, sludge, shoegaze and drone I really just want to call this “sludgegaze” or “sludgaze” for short, regardless of whether or not that term has been coined before.  

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