Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Matt Berry "Kill the Wolf"

             My wife is really into British television shows for whatever reason, and I’m not really that big on television in general but I decided to start watching some half hour comedies via Netflix.  I really like “The IT Crowd”, so I was looking for similar shows and came across just one of the best half hour comedies I have ever seen, “Snuff Box”.

            In fact, I love the show so much that I got the theme song stuck in my head more often than not.  I eventually looked it up, found out it was performed by Matt Berry (who also stars in the show) and then found this full length album of his on Spotify.   It’s actually quite good and isn’t a comedy album like you might expect since he is an actor.   I recommend giving it a listen whether you care about “Snuff Box” or not.

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