Monday, October 21, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Glasser "Interiors" (True Panther Sounds)

            In this great year of music, I find myself referencing someone such as Austra more and more, but that makes me wonder who I would have drawn the comparisons to had I not heard her music this year.  I try to think of it in that blank slate way, but come up with nothing ultimately and am just glad that I have Austra to rely on. 

            This can sound like any number of other things that you’re probably used to hearing in music with strong female vocals, Everything But the Girl comes to mind, but it does stand out enough on its own that I’m willing to give these older Glasser albums a listen as well.   And sometimes that is the true testament of how good a band is based on one album—whether or not you want to go and listen to everything you can by them after first hearing them.

            Also, this might just be my little nitpicking part, but the background on the first song on this album has a sound not too much unlike the opening bit from Everclear’s “So Much For the Afterglow”.   Yes, I might be the only one who hears that (or maybe everyone does, I don’t know, I don’t read the reviews) but it still gets me every time.  It’d be nice to see Glasser live and have that song for just one second mention Susan, but alas, I jest.  

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