Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Porcelain Raft “Permanent Signal”

             Going into this review, I had felt as if I had reviewed Porcelain Raft before.  I felt certain there was a Porcelain Raft album in either 2011 or 2012 I tried to take a crack at writing about.  The fact that I couldn’t find said review in the archives made me think that I wasn’t going to like this.

            I was wrong.  I do like this album.  It’s dreamgaze.  It’s electro-synth.  It’s funky and soulful.  It has hints of Fatboy Slim.  It could be The Rocket Summer as well.  I even think it’s a better version of Coldplay.

            Oh, and yeah, even the Spotify bio mentions that this new album here takes a turn from what this band normally sounds like, so I guess I’m not losing my mind (that much) to think that I didn’t like this band at one point but now I somehow do.

            Yes, this band has apparently changed their sound for the better.  No, I will not go back and listen to their older music again to be reminded of what I didn’t enjoy about it.

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