Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: LAKE "The World is Real" (K Records)

            The trouble with LAKE and Ashley Eriksson releasing albums within the same year are that much of what could be said about one can be reversed and stated about the other.   LAKE has a mixture of male and female vocals, but if you wanted to just hear the female parts that’s what Ashley Eriksson’s solo album is for, you know.

            If you wanted to hear just songs with the male vocals, you could listen to any number of other indie rock bands that have some slight acoustic and pop/twee sound to them. 

            But ultimately I just feel like this album and the solo album by Ashley Eriksson go together too nicely.  If you already like one, clearly you’ll like the other.  And if you don’t know either then you should get into both.

            Bury the house under the garden.   

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