Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Product Review] Dr. Seuss in the Target One Spot


 One of my favorite parts (Maybe even my only favorite part) of Target stores is their 1 Spot, where most everything is a dollar.   They have some higher priced items now, up to $3, but when you find certain items on clearance they can go as low as a quarter which is my time to shine.

                Recently, I was more than thrilled to stumble into a Target store and find a number of Dr. Seuss items in their 1 Spot.    Pencils, stickers, wall décor, reusable bags, cups, bowls, and other items convinced me that these were intended to be back for school and I was fine with that.

                We picked up some flashcards right away that teach numbers, letters, and colors/shapes—three sets at a dollar each.   We also got a bag for each character they offered.   Most of the typical school stuff was all right, but not really for me right now, so we passed on the pencils, stickers and wall décor.  

                Though we did end up buying a foam clock for a dollar that teaches time, and it has a fish on it, so I thought that was one of those awesomely unique items that you’d probably never find the likes of again.  (Cat in the Hat pencils would be seen one day again I’m sure) 

                When we returned to Target, and every Target we’ve been to since, these items have been scarce and almost no trace of them remains.   What was once a large end cap display has since been condensed into almost nothing left.  

                Paying a dollar for something with a licensed character on it is a good deal.   If that licensed character is Dr. Seuss it’s an even better deal because as a true Seussian, I can assure you that Dr. Seuss merchandise is not always the easiest to come by these days.

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