Sunday, August 4, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Falling Out of Love at this Volume “Mount Disappointment”

                My list of bands that can be filed under “I remember their name but can’t remember exactly what they sound like, just that I liked them I think” is constantly growing, and that’s not always a good thing because that’s a really long title to name a folder in My Documents.

                Luckily, Falling Out of Love at this Volume has had their demo recently enough that I remember it and remember the reasons why I liked it as well.    They have that sort of garage rock mixed with Buddy Holly that can go anywhere from Hunx and His Punx to Foo Fighters.   Really, it’s just another one of those bands that you need to hear.

                When their demo was up, I remember it being of a quality that I wouldn’t have considered it to b e a demo and would have paid for it on cassette.    But now I suppose this is what you’d consider a “proper” release and it has me kind of curious.

                Do you think bands that make their tapes themselves do so by dubbing over an existing tape?  I mean, you can buy all sorts of old cassettes at thrift stores for usually ninety nine cents.  So why not just buy one of those that looks to be in good enough shape, tape over it and bam.   Even if you sell your demo for $2, you’re making double your profit off of a dollar cassette.

                I actually saw a dual cassette deck recently at a thrift store for $15, only the main side wouldn’t eject properly when a cassette was in it.  Otherwise, if it had worked properly, I might have my own tape label right now and be putting out an album like this on cassette.

                Ah, the dreams of one day.  But this will probably be on cassette or vinyl (hopefully both) before I ever get around to starting a label.   So listen to it now because later, your friends are already going to know.

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