Monday, August 12, 2013

CD REVIEW: Neon Neon “Praxis Makes Perfect”

            Neon Neon is yet another band I am hearing for the first time via their new album in 2013, and I must admit that when I first put this album on I was quite unsure of it.  I recognized the synth and beats, bordering on 8bits in ways almost, and there were quite a few weird audio clips spliced in.

            I thought that this wasn’t going to be something I wanted to listen to again.   I noted that the second track got vocals like “Into the Ocean” and I was ready to abandon this.   Why did I come back to it?  I have no idea really.  This isn’t a band I’ve been hearing a lot about, but for some reason I assume they’re somewhat popular and don’t need my words to sell records.

            So on a whim or possibly to annoy my wife, I put this album on and heard it again for what was not the first time but what felt like the first time.   Miike Snow came out to me.   As did the Beach Boys.  And just all this other greatness I hadn’t heard on here before.  

            By the end I was hearing Depeche Mode, but if they were happy.   And they have a song about how much they love to shop, which I take to be as a satire on consumerism and so I like it.   Now if I could just hear that song blaring through the speakers at the mall one day I’d be set.   But, who am I kidding, that’ll never happen because I so rarely go to the mall.

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