Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SBSR: You'll Live "Singles"

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<1> “Brief Moments” – This song takes almost a full minute before we hear a guitar riff.  I kept wondering if it was actually playing or stalled for some reason.  And here come those screaming vocals I love from this band so much.  We only have about two minutes left in the song at this point though, so does that make this one of those artcore type songs?  Can I draw the Kane Hodder comparison for that or should I stick with Outline?  Is it at all possible that the singer from Outline moved to Florida and formed this band?  Anything is possible, darling.  Anything.   And this song ends with everyone whooping it up.

<2> “Destination: Blood!” (Orchid Cover) – Wow does the name Orchid take me back.  Feel the metal.  And here comes the Ed Gein/Converge/etc. like sound I love.  And yeah, this song is under a minute long, which also rules about it. 

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