Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Falling Out of Love at this Volume "Demo"

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            Today I was witness (via Facebook) to an article by Rolling Stone posted through Yahoo (don’t ask me) about the worst band names of all time.   While I found a lot of their choices to be questionable (Though I bet a lot of the bands I see with crazy names are off their radar or don’t count for not being around long enough), it made me really question whether or not a band’s name is stupid.

                This brought me to the somewhat ridiculously long Falling Out of Love at this Volume, although I have found bands with even longer names so who is to say this name is too long?  Also, reading their Band Camp link, you can clearly see that the name shortens itself to “FOOLATV” quite nicely, which is like “Fool ATV”, which is actually kind of funny, so I no longer really care about the name as much anymore.

                On this demo (Wow, is that right?  Is this only a demo?  All right, whatever) FOOLATV comes out sounding like everyone from Weezer to Joe Cocker.  They have distortion all around (even in the vocals) and are ultimately just cranking out rock n roll.    Could their sense of being rather tinny bring out the garage in them?  Yeah, probably.

                For me, the best representation of FOOLATV is the song “In Every Single Dream”.  The song begins with the sounds of Buddy Holly, which were of course brought back to more recent memory by bands like Hunx and his Punx.   Well, after a brief trip to reflect on the past, “In Every Single Dream” quickly turns into a fast paced punk anthem ala The Mr. T Experience. 

                FOOLATV provides your tip of the hat to the past, while making their sound remain relevant and current.   All bands should strive to do likewise. 

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  1. Good stuff sir. I know 3/4 of the band and they've read this. They're getting a lot of positivity from this new recording. It's a change from what they had been doing so it's awesome to see the shift pay off.