Friday, July 12, 2013

SBSR: Winter “Daydreaming”

<1> “Daydreaming” – After a brief introduction, we kick into the guitar and accompanying female vocals that are somewhere between Buddy Holly era and shoegaze.   This song does seem slightly closer to Shannon and the Clams, for example, but it has some elements of shoegaze in it also, thus it is not completely garage rock.   As I knew from listening to their single, Winter is just another fine female fronted shoegaze sort of band out there right now. 

<2> “Bedroom Philosophies” – This starts more like a 1960’s rock n roll song.  I’d say this comes close to [Mr. Sandman band], but it does kick in to something else a little bit more modern in the chorus.   But the drums and guitar in the verse are totally ‘60’s.    Now we get an almost BFC break down with talking over the drum beat.   How did they just go from the ‘60’s to ‘80’s so quickly?

<3> “Your Eyes” – This song has that sort of Cure guitar to start it off.   And the first words sung are the song title.   This song is not to be confused with Peter Gabriel.   A steady drum beat and slight elements of previous songs, this song has a lot of dream pop in it.   And now it gets male backing vocals in the “Disappear with me” chorus.   These songs aren’t all that long, but they are sure to be crowd pleasers.   I also seem to recall this band being from MA, so maybe they’ll come play CT one day. 

<4> “Nothing” – Now this is getting closer to the BFC for sure.   Maybe Pretty In Pink.   We’re also back into dream pop territory here.   Are we getting some horns in here?  What??  This song is about nothing, as in they are singing that word a lot, but isn’t it funny that there is also a band called Nothing?    Dig that drum beat.   “Let’s not kid ourselves”.    “We want it all, but it makes us small”.   Is that what she’s singing over and over?  Because having it all really isn’t good for the soul, so I agree.  

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