Friday, July 5, 2013

SBSR: Wanna Wanna “Wassaic”

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<1> “Wassaic” – We begin somewhere between FNL and surf.  This could almost be Phoenix.  Oh, but then when the vocals kick in, it goes into more of a dreamy sound ala Buddy Holly mixed with surf tendencies.   And we have clapping.  This does sound like somebody, but I just can’t place exactly who so I’ll just continue enjoying it and not wonder too much.   This song is also pretty music heavy.  It’s got a nice foot-tapping clap along beat though.  In a parallel universe somewhere this could be what the Beach Boys sound like. 

<2> “Qawwali Radio” – This sounds like Buddy Holly, but it also has the sound of that Elvis song where he sings about looking like an angel.  It’s definitely closer to 1960’s rock n roll on this song than anything else.  And whistling now instead of clapping. 

<3> “Tiny Beach” – This song is starting off like when 311 covered The Cure.  No joke.  311 covering The Cure should be a genre name, really.  I really wish I had listened to some of these 1960’s rock n roll bands a bit more before reviewing this, because then I could have had more to write about, but yeah, this is still quite good.

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